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VSAT Technology

Typically a VSAT station consist of 2 major equipment – ODU(Outdoor Unit) which is consist of an antenna – feed horn – rft (buc – lnb) and pedestal (antenna mounting) and IDU (modem). When a remote VSAT transmits data, first the modem will convert digital signal become a radio frequency signal, then it will convert… Read More »

First Post from My Revived Blog

After vacuum for about 2 years, now with a new look of my blog, i am ready to start new stories all about networking and security. Now, with my job position as network & system engineer on my office, i will start all concept and implementation within my corporate. With many networking equipments, network &… Read More »

The Power of SSH Tunnel

_____________________________________________ with loves, with efforts, with knowledges knowing the best for ur best __illuminator__ http://wafa.web.id _____________________________________________ SSH is known for its secure shellprotocol, from wikipedia.org its explain that : Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged over a secure channel between two computers. Encryption provides confidentiality and integrity… Read More »

Digital Certification, Signed by Known Certificate Authorities

_____________________________________________ with loves, with efforts, with knowledges knowing the best for ur best __illuminator__ http://wafa.web.id _____________________________________________ this night, i’m successfully publish my web site @ www.illuminator.web.id to have SSL support, in this server i plant a certification from StartCom Ltd. => https://www.startssl.com thanks to the support team that add my country to their registration form.… Read More »

Windows Server 2003 Administration Tips

Want to build an enterprise network? which can accomodate multiple user? n offcourse we can’t forget the security factor. I have some hints to build a network like that using windows server 2003 with several software installed to perform much reliable, secure network. First i’ll explain about the feature of windows server 2003, Microsoft Windows… Read More »

Automatically Configure Browsers for Proxy

Autoconfigure Scripts for Proxy Settings – Apr. 22, 2004 April 22, 2004: Added more complex examples to bypass proxy for multiple URL’s. August 15, 2003: Updated with example of bypassing proxy for a particular URL, and also mention WPAD.DAT to automatically configure Internet Explorer. PROXY.PAC Files Several of my clients have asked for a way… Read More »