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MetaSploit an Exploits Framework Build on Ruby [on Rails]

Ruby and Metasploit, you propably already notice one of that or maybe both of them. Ruby on Rails is one of Web Application Framework build on Ruby Language Programming which have MVC (Model-View-Controller) as it’s framework concept. How about Ruby?! Ruby is another kind of language programming, announce by ” ” in , Ruby is… Read More »

Ruby, RubyGems Mirroring

_____________________________________________ with loves, with efforts, with knowledges knowing the best for ur best __illuminator__ _____________________________________________ get this from docman @ ruby forge Internal mirrors If you just want to get the gems and the files (say, for an internal mirror), there is an rsync endpoint which you can get to like this: $ rsync… Read More »

Working with SubVersion

Working with SubVersion SVN a.k.a Subversion is a version control system allows users to keep track of changes made to any type of electronic data, typically source code, web pages or design documents. => SVN URI : is an url address where u can access repository, with SVN there many protocol supported besides it’s… Read More »

Ruby on Rails

Something weird with this kind of programming… in this programming language we can’t read the code partially, we must know how the code flow. in Rails we will find concept of MVC (Models,Views n Controller) something like ASP.NET have.. in this concept we just create the model, decide how it will displayed on web browser… Read More »