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Moving to my new Playground

Today, I’m moving my blog to a new server hosted by kenceng solusindo. All my domain will be gradually moved to new server so there will be DNS propagation lag. All my domain will be served using https by letsencrypt. In this new playground, I hope can add new fun stuff and separate between photoworks,… Read More »

Samurai Web Testing Framework – Web Application Security LiveCD

Most penetration tests are focused on either network attacks or web application attacks. Given this separation, many pen testers themselves have understandably followed suit, specializing in one type of test or the other. While such specialization is a sign of a vibrant, healthy penetration testing industry, tests focused on only one of these aspects of… Read More »

MetaSploit an Exploits Framework Build on Ruby [on Rails]

Ruby and Metasploit, you propably already notice one of that or maybe both of them. Ruby on Rails is one of Web Application Framework build on Ruby Language Programming which have MVC (Model-View-Controller) as it’s framework concept. How about Ruby?! Ruby is another kind of language programming, announce by ” ” in , Ruby is… Read More »

The Power of SSH Tunnel

_____________________________________________ with loves, with efforts, with knowledges knowing the best for ur best __illuminator__ _____________________________________________ SSH is known for its secure shellprotocol, from its explain that : Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged over a secure channel between two computers. Encryption provides confidentiality and integrity… Read More »

Ruby, RubyGems Mirroring

_____________________________________________ with loves, with efforts, with knowledges knowing the best for ur best __illuminator__ _____________________________________________ get this from docman @ ruby forge Internal mirrors If you just want to get the gems and the files (say, for an internal mirror), there is an rsync endpoint which you can get to like this: $ rsync… Read More »

Just Share How to Post to Your Blog Via Email

Found this new feature from WordPress 2.3.1, and now just try to use it.   Wordpress 2.3.1 or the latest one, have support to post your message from your email account, note in this case your wordpress blog need email account have POP3 Service (if you don’t have your private email, you can use… Read More »

Cain & Abel, The Perfect Tools for Windows User

install and collect the data, password or acting like from another computer from, this tool has increase popularity rank from 23 to 9. with this tools you can do anything, from sniffing the network, cracking local password and the most thing that this tools can combine that, sniffing password from the network and crack… Read More »