Just Share How to Post to Your Blog Via Email

By | December 1, 2007

Found this new feature from WordPress 2.3.1, and now just try to use it.

Wordpress 2.3.1 or the latest one, have support to post your message
from your email account, note in this case your wordpress blog need
email account have POP3 Service (if you don’t have your private email
@yourdomain.com, you can use Gmail POP3 Service).
for this service to work on your blog go to : Options menu -> Writing
in Post via e-mail setting just put your account information like this..

if you use your gmail account fill this information on textbox:

Mail Server : pop.gmail.com Port: 995
Login Name : youraccount@gmail.com
Password : yourpassword
Default mail category : yourcategory

or if u use your own mail server you can use like this

Mail Server : yourmailserver.yourdomain.com Port: 110 (default port for
Login Name : youraccount@yourdomain.com
Password : yourpassword
Default mail category : yourcategory

after that, you are ready to post to your blog via your email account,
note in this case use different email account for your different blog,
don’t use that account for anything usage. that account just for posting
to your blog.
You can send your post from your lovely mail client or you can send it
from webmail even you can do that via your mobile gadget with email
client or just by typing SMS (if your operator provider have this
service enable). so you don’t have to logon to your blog admin and post
it from there.. you can stay connected with your blog and post your
knowledge and experience or even your true story anytime and anywhere.
so don’t lose your time to tell your story to the world.

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