Ruby on Rails

By | July 19, 2007

Something weird with this kind of programming…
in this programming language we can’t read the code partially, we must know how the code flow. in Rails we will find concept of MVC (Models,Views n Controller) something like ASP.NET have.. in this concept we just create the model, decide how it will displayed on web browser and controlling it’s behavior when it’s communicate with the database server or something like event driven.
first sight, because of my basic web programming which develop the web application using function based method, i found a few problem when implemmentating a web application using rails framework. some idea how to learn the framework is read step by step from the idiots guide and practice it on it’s environment.
before we can develop it, we need the suitable environment. because the minimality of resource n net connection, some problem arise when set up the development environment in first time. but with the magically n the power of LINUX and all my kungfu, the development environment and the server can be setup.
first thing to do with the power of rails n ruby, we can use the scaffold function from rails to generate form from the table in the database server. with the controller we can validate every data which will be inserted to database.
now… there are something to do to get familiar with this environment. hopefully there many people who can help me to explain n solve  every problems.
thanks to ruby n the rails framework..

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