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Extending L2 Domain Switch using VPLS


When you need a service from Network Operator to connecting 2 or more of your diferent sites in different location, you can request for this kind of services called VPLS / L2VPN.

VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Services) known as Metro Ethernet Services for Point to Multipoint Sites. what technology behind this kind of services? and for what this services actually defined?

VPLS / MetroEthernet can be used to expand and extending L2 Domain over L3 Routing. the basic technology that empowered this services is MPLS (MultiProtocolLabelSwitching), the MPLS technology can produce a services in L2 Domain and L3 Domain with separation of forwarding table into many of virtual forwarding table called VRF. MPLS topology consist of many PE (Provider Equipment) and several Core router called P Router. in MPLS Cloud, it’s used an IGP (internal gateway protocol) dynamic routing technology to connected all PE & P Router all together, and wrap it all using LDP or BGP Signalling. each path from one router to another router is created for label distribution and label switching which is called LSP (Label Switch Path). the LSP used to delivered the data from one router to another router, using vrf from one router can connected many of customer to use the same resources n clouds.


VSAT Technology


Typically a VSAT station consist of 2 major equipment – ODU(Outdoor Unit) which is consist of an antenna – feed horn – rft (buc – lnb) and pedestal (antenna mounting) and IDU (modem).

When a remote VSAT transmits data, first the modem will convert digital signal become a radio frequency signal, then it will convert to designated RF Band then Amplify using BUC. At reverse, when receive data the RF Signal receive using feed horn n pre amplify using LNB then convert to low frekuensi RF (IF) and decode using modem.

in Point 2 Point Topology, 2 Earth VSAT Station will communicate each other trough a transponder in satellite, one channel (carrier) frequency used to transmit and one channel (carrier) frequency used to receive. this topology used to call SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier), one channel for receive and one channel to transmit.


in advance configuration commonly used today is VSAT IP, itu consist of one sentral earth station called HUB VSAT and many remotes site. this kind of topology called VSAT Star Topology, one as central and many remotes connected to the central. usually, for central earth station (HUB VSAT) it’s consist of a big antenna, a high power RFT (BUC/HPA – LNB/LNA), modem and several devices to organize and controlling all remotes connected. in the remotes side, it’s just like common vsat remote, it’s consist of small antenna, feed horn, RFT (BUC – LNB) and a modem.


First Post from My Revived Blog


After vacuum for about 2 years, now with a new look of my blog, i am ready to start new stories all about networking and security.

Now, with my job position as network & system engineer on my office, i will start all concept and implementation within my corporate.

With many networking equipments, network & communication media, and many different technology in this blog i will share about product features, technology, and how to implement from small network to high availability huge data center.

From this post, i will divide categories within this site as:
– Networking
– Technology
– Juniper
– Cisco
– Nortel
– Linux
– Open Platform
– Proof of Concept
– Media Access
– Tips n Tricks


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