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this night, i’m successfully publish my web site @ www.illuminator.web.id to have SSL support,
in this server i plant a certification from StartCom Ltd. => https://www.startssl.com thanks to the support team that add my country to their registration form.

first, u need to register to their site through their registration form, please submit complete information to get your application form to be approved. after registration u will receive confirmation via your email, n need to confirm that confirmation code, if u successful with this step and their approved your application, u will prompt to create client certificate that can be use to login to their site to do much think..

before u can create your server certificates, u must validate your domain first, insert your domain, and they will send you a confirmation through the email on your domain (hostmaster@yourdomain or webmaster@yourdomain or postmaster@yourdomain) according your current administration email.