Ruby and Metasploit, you propably already notice one of that or maybe both of them. Ruby on Rails is one of Web Application Framework build on Ruby Language Programming which have MVC (Model-View-Controller) as it’s framework concept. How about Ruby?! Ruby is another kind of language programming, announce by ” ” in , Ruby is a Full Object Oriented language programming, supported by thousands component library called gems, supported by a large community around the world, and now have place in most country in the world as a web framework to build the new era web concept, Web 2.0. I think this enough to describe Ruby and Rails. now let’s talk about MetaSploit Framework.

MetaSploit Framework is one of most populer Penetration Test and Hacking Tools in this time, it consists hundreds exploits modules, with some payloads function and another customize auxiliary. and also MetaSploit is a ready to use and easy to use Hacking Tools, formerly it have several operate mode, Console, Web and know it have GUI version. Before current version realease, in earlier version, Metasploit build not with Ruby, but it’s Perl Powered Application, but in Framework 3, all module and application re-build in Ruby. all exploits modules re-build in Ruby.